The NAF Way

Securing financing is often a car-buying bottleneck, especially for people with credit scores below 750. First, you must determine where to go for financing. The bank? The dealer? A finance company? And you must also search for the best rate. Then there are term lengths to think about, monthly payment amounts, and down payments. It’s bewildering to say the least.

Fortunately, we do the legwork for you here at Nebraska Auto Finance. With an advanced application system, a vast statewide network of Nebraska dealers and lenders, and a great deal of industry experience, we’re able to offer a better financing experience for the car-buying Cornhusker.

Hard-to-Beat Advantages

  • Low Rates for Nebraska Residents
  • No Application Fees
  • Low Monthly Payments
  • Budget-Friendly Down Payments
  • Huge Inventory of New and Used Vehicles
  • 24 Hour Approvals for Many Borrowers

All The Guidance You Need

Best of all, here at Nebraska Auto Finance we match qualified applicants with a local lending professional who can guide you step-by-step through the financing process. They can answer your questions, help you compare rates, discuss vehicle options, and help provide you with the very best experience possible. Why would you buy a car in any other way?

Nebraska Auto Loan Rates

The cost of financing a vehicle is substantial, especially if you have subprime credit. Where you live does a play a role in determining what your rate of interest will be, but your FICO score is the primary factor. Have you checked your score recently? We recommend that you do.

The benefits are substantial. For example, you can:

  • Make sure no inaccuracies are damaging your score.
  • Know what rate of interest should be expected.
  • Get unrestricted access to your credit ratings.

When you apply through us, we will not only show you the best way to check your credit score, but also how to look up what interest rate you deserve. This helps ensure that you get the best deal possible on your new (or used) car or truck.

Security and Privacy

Privacy and security are of upmost importance online these days, and we take them very seriously. You can read our privacy policy on the website, but suffice to say we do our best to maintain a secure application environment. We also rarely indulge in email marketing campaigns that clutter your inbox.